Beijing new airport to generate 600,000 jobs: official

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China's civil aviation authorities have been continuously enhancing the support capacity to sustain industry growth. The CAAC is focused on creating safe, green, smart and human-oriented airports.

TIANJIN, June 21 (Xinhua) -- Beijing Daxing International Airport will generate about 60 0,000 new jobs in the future, an official said Friday.

Zhang Rui, with the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), said that by 2025, the airport will see 72 million passengers with an economic profit of 160 billion yuan (19 billion U.S. dollars). The airport will contribute 900 billion yuan to the regional economy, Zhang said.

The airport project drew an investment of about 120 billion yuan, with the auxiliary projects in its vicinity costing about 360 billion yuan, Zhang added.

Beijing Daxing International Airport will start operation in September. It was built to meet the country's surging air service demand and relieve the tight flight pressure on Beijing Capital International Airport, whose annual passenger throughput exceeded 60 million in 2018.